Process engineering

Based on our many years of experience and expertise, we can quickly and thoroughly understand your production processes. Our people are up to date with the latest product developments and technologies and have all the knowledge to arrive at the optimal design for your production processes. Process engineering revolves around the question of what the best way is to make a product. The answer to this question is always based on an assessment of requirements, customer wishes and possibilities. The result is a process design that fits in perfectly with the environment.

We are experts in this field:

  • Process installations
  • Production lines
  • Packaging lines

Process installations

The design of a process installation starts with drawing up a Process Flow Diagram (PFD). In a PFD, the process is divided into single processing steps. We then draw up energy and mass balances. Considering the choice of process techniques, we determine the energy and mass balances in more detail. Our engineers will then calculate the capacities, consumption, and efficiency of the chosen process techniques. On this basis, we compare the various options with each other. We then calculate the effects of different scenarios in terms of capacity, consumption, and efficiency. On these data, we can identify bottlenecks and carry out optimisations. Once the concept has been established, we develop the design further. We record the control philosophy in a Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), tag list and Functional Design Specification (FDS). Specifications will be drafted up for installation parts, hydraulic and pump calculations are being done and the layout is further developed. We can even carry out a Hazard and Operability-study. In doing so, we identify hazards and undesirable situations that may arise when using the installation. 

Setting up a production line

The design of a production line takes place in the same way as a process installation. One difference is that more operator actions are often required on the line, such as inspection, adjustment, and cleaning. In addition, extra attention is needed for the accessibility and cleanability of the installation parts. A 3D layout helps to make this transparent. 

Packaging lines

Packaging lines are all about flexibility and good logistical routing. Supply and removal of packaging materials and packaged materials must run smoothly. A packaging line is only a well-functioning whole if both layout, degree of automation, buffer capacities and logistic movements are considered. Uticon takes care of this coordination by determining the required capacities, movements, and space of the packaging machine.

Projects where expertise has been applied.

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