Dion Bell

After completion of his Bachelor in Architecture, Dion worked at several architectural offices and at an engineering firm specialising in logistics centres. In 2011 Dion joined Uticon as a project engineer in the construction/architectural department. Nowadays Dion holds the position of Senior engineer within Uticon.

Why Uticon?

“What I really like about working at Uticon is the fact that it is a multidisciplinary engineering firm. As a result you work is much broader than at an architectural office. You are in contact wit various disciplines and often work in close cooperation with them.”

Dion about his job at Uticon

“The title ‘senior’ within Uticon means you are a have a specialisation you can help the rest of the department with. My specialisation is Building Food Safe. I am aware of the regulations within the food industry up to the highest level and colleagues can always call on me if they have any questions on this subject.

My working weeks are never really the same. Looking at the past few weeks, one moment I was working on a cost estimate for the construction of a new factory for an international client, the next I was providing architectural advice on site at the client’s premises. The same week I have also been involved in writing specifications for a client who is working on new building plans for a production facility

I checked and advised the modellers and helped them solving certain problems. Due to my specialisation, the period of time I am involved in a project is often shorter. Sometimes I am just involved at the beginning of projects, for example for hygienic zoning, which is part of my specialism. In other cases I am involved at a later stage, checking food safety within the project on a detailed level for example. I have a lot of variety in my work and am in contact with other disciplines and have many advisory tasks towards the client. In addition to contact with clients, I am also in contact with suppliers.”

What is great about working at Uticon?

“What I have really enjoyed from the start is the multidisciplinary way of working. You have a wide range of activities, you learn a lot and in the end you see the things you are working on applied/executed. Due to my specialisation and my regular contact with suppliers, I sometimes help them to improve products. Also a nice aspect of my job! I have nice colleagues, nice work and a lot of variety. The fact that you are appreciated for your knowledge and advice and that this is ultimately followed up, makes it a pleasure for me to come to work. For example, a large international client recently indicated they want to gather knowledge in order to raise their own standards in the field of food safety to a higher level. Uticon has been approached for this and I am going to take this up on behalf of Uticon. I am quite proud of that!”

My ambition

“I would like to further expand my advisory role within Uticon. For example by providing both internal and external seminars/workshops. Eventually, I would like to grow to the position of consultant/expert. I deliberately chose not to take on the role of project leader because this simply does not suit me. By further developing myself as an expert, I can stay as close to technology as possible and that suits me.”

The Uticon culture

“The atmosphere within our department is very open en informal. Looking at other departments and business units, I don’t have the same level of contact with everyone. Sometimes I regret this, but this situation is the result of the type of projects I worked on.”