Whether you want to innovate or achieve cost reduction. We realize various projects, from sustainable construction, conversion of factories, expansion of capacity to optimization of production processes. From simple to complex projects, where we work multi-disciplinary. Our projects show our passion for food. Uticon is able to manage the complete project, from the first strategic decisions until the final delivery. A practice we have diligently upheld since 1985.


Below, you’ll find a selection of the projects we’ve realized. Explore further to gain insight in the projects Uticon has worked on. Or use the filter to search for projects of a specific expertise.

Efficiency and innovation in fruit production


Expansion of an existing factory


Realization of new production facility in Europe

Sun Noodle

Merging of old production sites


Expansion Whiskey Distillery

Filliers Distillery

A unique factory


Expansion of an operational plant

Puratos Group

Production process efficiency


New production location substrate and potting soil

Jiffy International

Realisation of PET packaging line


Production line innovative product realised

Bart's Potato Company

Future-proof new building and quality plan


Newly built Darling office

Darling Ingredients

Farm Frites water purification project

Farm Frites