Merging of old production sites

Bresc was born out of the love for the production of escargots and accompanying herb butter for the culinary top catering and restaurant industry. Today, chilled fresh specialist Bresc focuses from Werkendam (in the Netherlands) on the production of a rich range of garlic and herb products for European gastronomy and culinary professionals. From single purees to herb blends, Bresc’s range is inspired by pure foreign flavours and has a high degree of quality and ease of use.

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June 2016 - May 2017
Merging old production locations into a whole new location.

Project description

In order to enable further growth and be able to work more efficiently logistically, Bresc needed one central representative location for all business activities. Until then Bresc was spread over 4 locations. 

Uticon carried out a concept study into the optimum layout for the new production location. Attention was paid to good internal and external logistics. Based on this study, Bresc was able to realise a beautiful, representative, and future-proof building. 

The challenge

At the start of the project Bresc had already made a preliminary study of the required and desired size and layout of the building.

Looking at Bresc’s wishes, Uticon tested whether it would be possible to realise the previously conceived size, layout and shape and which investments this would require. What types of materials were required to meet the food hygiene standards? How could all the functions present at the old locations be integrated into the new design? How big did the new factory have to be?

The feasibility study showed that the intended size was too large to realise all the wishes. That is why Uticon worked on a design with an adjusted size and shape.

The solution

In a variants study, Uticon investigated how the space could be created, taking current and future wishes into account. Bresc chose one specific design from a variety of designs with adapted sizes, layouts and building and plot shapes. Uticon’s multidisciplinary design team developed this variant into a preliminary design. This variant determined the size and shape of the plot. Because the production site was built on a new business park, it was possible to request the desired size and shape of the plot to be purchased from the municipality. The new building consisted of 5,700 sq.m. divided into 1,200 sq.m. office space, 4,250 sq.m. production and warehouse space (storage and freezing areas) and 125 sq.m. facility space.

Brainstorming, that is where the process started with Bresc. What preconditions were imposed on the layout and specifically on the production? What should the building look like?

According to the design team, what was essential in the routing, logistics and zoning of the new factory? And what influence did market developments have on the requirements set for the building? Together with Bresc, Uticon looked for the optimal shape, size, construction, routing, logistics, layout, hygiene zoning and food safety. 

In order to be able to solve this complex puzzle, Bresc’s knowledge of setups and layout of production areas was combined with Uticon’s expertise in process, construction, structural engineering, building-related installations, and hygienic design. Based on the thorough joint study, the final design and associated cost estimate, Bresc started the construction of the new production location. 

"Uticon challenged us and looked further than the questions we asked. This was exactly what we needed to be sure that we chose the best possible building. Realizing a production area for food requires specialist knowledge and solid expertise. The duo that accompanied us was very creative and capable of translating ideas and calculating things in detail and accuracy. I would recommend such a project with Uticon to anyone".

Carlo Bloem
Finance manager

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