Energietransitie / 14 March 2023

Product: Energy transition tailored to the food industry

Structural reduction of your CO2 emissions and energy consumption

How do you achieve this?

Standard solutions look at classic parameters and factors that influence energy consumption. Uticon offers an approach
tailor-made for the food industry, based on integrated knowledge of production processes, utilities and building techniques
the food sector. By thinking from the production process, we tackle energy consumption at the source. We look at all
aspects (including heat-cold techniques/integration, HVAC, water treatment and automation) and are in this way unique in
able to optimize the entire energy system.

Together with you, our engineers will develop a concrete step-by-step plan that details the costs and benefits of possible measures
balanced. This way you are assured of a targeted approach with maximum effect at the lowest costs.

For this energy transition we use the following steps from our “energy transition design process”

Drawing up mass/energy balance, practice vs theory, measurement, and user experience.

Determine minimum required utilities in existing condition.

– Adjustments to a specific process, for example through new technology or energy-efficient equipment.
– Through loss and waste flow reduction (first time right and residual flow validation).

For example, through energy storage in non-simultaneous processes or energy sharing among processes.

Basic design & detailed design

Implementation guidance and delivery



Curious about what we can do for your energy transition?

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Curious about what we can do for your energy transition?

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