Working approach

Uticon looks beyond engineering alone. We consciously build the progress of your business. This starts long before the design: in the preparation phase lies the strength of our integrated approach. We jointly dive into the processes where necessary: we analyze the opportunities, assess your wishes and compare the possibilities. Because we are independent of your daily operation, we are able to have an outside view which results in new insight and possibilities that we engineer into efficient solutions.


Our strength:

  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Pragmatic and well-structured
  • Providing Peace of Mind

Integrated approach

  • Disciplines
  • Building Engineering
  • Process and Mechanical
  • Automation and Digitalisation

Uticon has all disciplines in-house for the benefit of our clients which can be applied to small or large and complex projects. We combine short lines of communication with a wide range of knowledge. This way, we can apply the right expertise to our product, fast.

The building engineering team consists of architects, structural engineers, building services engineers and project leaders. They are all highly skilled in the field of building engineering, structures and building services for the food and food related industry. They develop functional and esthetic designs based on the requirements of our clients., including building permit applications. This way our experts ensure that all wishes and requirements result in a realistic and achievable design.

Our process and mechanical team consist of process engineers, mechanical engineers and project leaders. They have an extensive expertise on food technology and production and are able to apply these in practice. New and innovative ideas emerge through Uticon’s ability to combine our diverse knowledge of the different food sectors.

Our digitalization and automation team consists of consultants, automation engineers and project leaders. They are very much aware of the latest developments and apply Industry 4.0 technologies in order to obtain innovative ideas. They possess knowledge of the full package from ERP to PLC and prepare our clients for the future. This could be ERP or MES solutions for existing production lines, but also the full automation design for a new installation.

Project approach

  • Method
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

Based on our extensive experience we have developed our own Project Management method, that seamlessly aligns with the type of projects in the food industry, highly adaptable to the ways of working of our clients. The method is not a goal in itself, but helps to work in a structured manner towards common objectives. Important elements of the method are risk and change management. With those elements we make the difference for our clients: total project control.

Engineering is our core business. We adopt a structured approach to engineering consisting of the following stages: conceptual, basic and detail engineering. We are experienced in aligning these steps with any other system our clients may use (e.g. FEL, RIBA stages, etc). Progressing the level of detail in each stage we achieve best-in-class solutions including corresponding cost-estimates. We develop promising alternatives at conceptual level. We review those alternatives jointly with our clients, ensuring that the best choice follows on to the basic design stage. We develop clash-free designs through our use of state-of-the-art 3D technologies.

To ensure a safe and efficient execution of our design, Uticon can manage and supervise the construction stage as well. We employ Construction Managers and supervisors that are very experienced in the food and construction industry. We carry out daily supervision activities as well as the overall project management and budget control. The construction is executed with maximum safety and according to plan. At delivery stage the hand-over activities ensure that everything is developed according to the design.

If desired Uticon can support the commissioning and testing stage of the installed equipment. We execute this stage according to the so-called “V-model”. This starts with clearly detailing the requirements in advance, followed by going through all of them step-by-step. The results are the basis for the hand-over and remaining items are listed on the outstanding items or defects liability list. We ensure that all suppliers deliver according to their contractual obligations and that all the equipment is handed over according to specifications.

Our projects

Efficiency and innovation in fruit production


Realization of new production facility in Europe

Sun Noodle

Expansion of an existing factory


Expansion Whiskey Distillery

Filliers Distillery

Merging of old production sites


A unique factory


Expansion of an operational plant

Puratos Group

Production process efficiency


New production location substrate and potting soil

Jiffy International

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