Nieuwsbericht / 15 September 2023

Summer team activities at Uticon

At Uticon, the summer was not only about hard work but also marked by enjoyable and educational team activities. Below, we look back on two summer events:

VR Competition at the VR Factory in Lebbeke

On June 22nd, our Belgian team headed to the VR Factory in Lebbeke for a day filled with thrilling virtual reality games. In groups, our colleagues competed against each other, bringing out their competitive spirit. The day concluded with a pleasant barbecue. It was a day of fun and an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues beyond our usual work activities!

Sustainability in Action at Dairy Factory De Graafstroom

On June 29th, our construction team had an inside look at Dairy Factory De Graafstroom in Bleskensgraaf. Uticon is closely involved in the design and engineering of this factory with the goal of phasing out the use of gas entirely and achieving sustainable cheese production in three phases. Currently, the first phase, which reduces gas usage by 67%, is in full swing and is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The team had an insightful tour of the factory and the premises, gaining an understanding of the cheese production process at De Graafstroom. The day concluded with a delightful dinner. In summary, it was a day that was not only educational but also strengthened the team’s bond.