Uticon Academy

The Uticon Academy was established to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to continuously develop themselves and thus increase their level of knowledge. For this the academy offers various options.

  • Personal Development
  • Increase knowledge
  • Chances

Knowledge sessions

Sharing knowledge is multiplying knowledge! Direct knowledge exchange takes place every day, consciously and unconsciously, when colleagues work together in project teams. Meeting each other, working together, being open-minded and inspiring each other, that interaction is the power of knowledge sharing. Informing each other about project experiences, innovations, legal norms, trade fair visits, etc. Colleagues from different disciplines share knowledge with eachother and guest speakers are invited to present innovations in the field.

Training and courses

The Uticon Academy offers our employees the opportunity to take part in courses and training and even Bachelor or Master programs. Some of these courses and trainings take place externally and some are organised at our own offices. Subjects of the courses can be either food related, such as the “dairy” course or “potato processing” course, but also more general, such as a project management course or a CAD course.


Personal coaching programmes within Uticon focus on the goals you set yourself at work and contribute to the development of competencies from our competence matrix. Starting points for the programme are personal responsibility, self-management and finding your own solutions. During the coachingsessions you discuss your own specific problem situations with your coach and illustrate them with practical examples. You will work on practical and appropriate solutions that can immediately be applied in your daily work.