Electricity supply

The demand for sustainable energy is increasing within the food industry. For example, in the Netherlands there is the energy transition which entails the reduce of using natural gas as an energy source. This will entail increasing electrification of processes and will have consequences for the electrical connection from the energy companies. The shift to renewable energy sources will make energy systems more complex but also more flexible. Uticon engineers provide perfect guidance for customers during these transition processes. We have extensive knowledge in the areas: Medium voltage (MS), transformers and low voltage (LS).

We are experts in:

  • Medium voltage and transformers
  • Low voltage distribution
  • Energy supply optimisation

Medium voltage (MS) / transformers

Uticon engineers support clients in choosing electrical energy supply and distribution systems. In addition, they advise them what is best buying, renting, or leasing these systems. They also determine the required power, list the pros and cons of various options and make the right choices in close cooperation with the client. Also investigate whether the energy supply of the factory processes can be optimized and whether redundancy is required. They determine, based on power calculations, the transformer(s), cable routings and design the rooms where these systems are to be installed. Uticon can also take care of providing contacts with energy companies and suppliers as well as implementation planning, and thus fully manage the energy supply to your needs.

Low voltage (LS) distribution

For the distribution of the low voltage grid in the building (<1000V~) a main distribution cabinet shall be set up after the transformer station and in a specific low-voltage room. From this room, the necessary sub-distributors and/or separate power supplies are provided for the various processes, separate electrical power supplies, components, and specific spaces (hygiene/zoning) throughout the building. Special attention is paid to food safety, dust and waterproofing class, energy efficiency and sustainability. Our experienced engineers can support you throughout the entire process in making the right choices. 

Projects where expertise has been applied.

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