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The family business Filliers Distillery has been producing genever in the Flemish town of Bachte-Marie-Leerne since 1880. The distillery has been the market leader in Belgium since 2009. Over time, Filliers Distillery added gin, whisky and vodka to its range and also put itself on the map with a wide range of new spirits, where it is the world market leader with malt wine. In 2018 the step was taken to the production of larger volumes of single malt whisky. In order to give visitors to the distillery a real experience, a lot of effort was put into the experience and image of the unique site in Deinze.

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March 2017 - May 2019
Project management and engineering for expansion

Project description

In order to move along with new markets and increase international fame, Filliers Distillery wanted to focus on the production of larger volumes of single malt whisky.

What building and process modifications were needed? Which branches had to be made in the piping? Uticon made a study, proposed various designs and supervised the tender and realization process. Uticon also worked on increasing the authentic look of the building.

The challenge

For Filliers Distillery, the realisation of a whisky still room in the existing production environment was the biggest investment in the history of the family business. In the past, the distillery had always used internal knowledge and skills.

Uticon took the construction and supervision process out of its hands and engaged with internal and external stakeholders for optimal realization. The main technical challenge in the process was the placement of the already purchased pot stills and plate filters, which had to be placed in a very limited physical space.

The solution

Uticon carried out a study and designed various proposals to place and operate the whisky distillery within the existing physical space. The preliminary study showed that it was possible to place the plate filter inside the room by temporarily removing the window. A precise undertaking: placing the barrel heavy plate filter within the available space was millimetre work. In order to be able to place the boilers as well, the roof of the distillery was lifted. The opportunity was taken to renovate the roof. A major intervention, but the result was achieved. Visitors walking past the building in Deinze today have a view of two classic swanneck pot stills through metre-high windows. A unique experience, inside and out.

In close cooperation with Filliers Distillery, Uticon drew up schematic, process-technical drawings for piping and process installation (P&IDs). A programme of requirements was also drawn up. After this inventory, various architectural and technical designs were presented to Filliers Distillery. This analysis in combination with the supervision of the internal and external stakeholders ensured cost reduction, timely delivery, and realisation of the works.

In this project, Uticon combined the distillery’s expertise in the production of whisky with its own knowledge of construction and processing. Pipes were branched and walls were placed or removed. As a result of the modifications, it is now possible to produce single malt whisky in addition to grain gin, gin, vodka, and malt wine.

"Handing over this project was a big step for Filliers Distillery. Uticon's professional approach saved us work, time and costs. Uticon's experts interacted with tenderers, suppliers, and internal stakeholders in a highly professional manner. We are also very satisfied with the result. The chosen style exudes exactly the authenticity that Filliers Distillery wanted.

Bart Cnudde
CEO Filliers

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